Arcadia Television Linear Channel

ArcadiaTelevisionTM provides a new unique niche linear TV channel for those who enjoy travel, nature and culture. Each month we embark on an extensive new journey around the world. It is a fascinating mix of the most famous and interesting locations on this planet, brought to you in wide screen and surround sound!

ArcadiaTelevisionTM is aimed more at a specific target group, namely the Best Agers: The Golden Generation!

ArcadiaTelevisionTM is screened in many countries around the world in different languages. For enhanced user experience, all episodes are presented without program-interrupting ads!

Global Sightseeing, History, Exploration, Contemporary Wonders, Nature, Mystique, Relaxation and Health - it's all here - a brand new and creative insight into both past and present: a kaleidoscopic professional package created to meet the many programming demands of today's media world.

Channel Access
ArcadiaTelevisionTM represents Future Online Entertainment by providing a 24/7 TV - Stream and VoD

Service also available via cable operators.

- Easy Delivery via Webbrowsers for Home computers, Laptops, Smart TVs, Tablets and Smartphones (Apple, Android and Windows)

- 24/7 linear TV channel accessible via IPTV / Cable / Sattelite set top box

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