Bali is a small island located in the world’s largest archipelago, the State of Indonesia.

Denpasar has been the capital of Bali since 1946 and was once the seat of the homonymous principality of Badung.  In 1953 the Pura Jagatnatha, the Temple Of The Ruler Of The World, was consecrated to the supreme God and symbolises the order of the universe.  

As the former seat of Dewa Agung, the Supreme of God and the highest ranking of the Balinese rajas, for many centuries Klungkung held a special importance and the Raja’s palace was a cultural centre for all of Bali and also a centre of power.

Further north, on the slopes of the Gunung Agung Volcano, is Bali's greatest sanctuary, the country’s first state temple, Pura Besakih, a gigantic site of more than thirty individual complexes and more than two hundred buildings.

The journey to the centre of the island, from Sebali to Keliki, is a great experience and one not to be missed. Uphill through small villages and lush greenery, past banana trees and paddy fields, typical Balinese country life.

The Barong dance that is performed outside the temple scenery is certainly an impressive experience for any visit to Bali.  The ancient battle between good and evil is initiated by the dancing of two females and a gamelan orchestra accompanies the drama with full traditional effect.

Bali is a place of longing, an exotic dream destination set within the Indian Ocean, a truly tropical paradise!